Soft.Lab releases dinamo® for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Advanced Section Property Calculator | 2/18/2015

Maybe some of you will find it useful as the software is very advanced.












Soft.Lab announced the release of dynamo, software for the calculation of generic sections, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

dinamo calculates other than all inertial parameters (mass gravity center, inertial moments, etc.), the shear centre and the shear and torsion factors for generic cross-sections that are connected, but are free from detached cross-sections (typically cross-sections made from steel), whose surroundings (external and internal) are in staggered lines. 

Some features of dinamo:

- Determinates, for a generic section, some structural analysis parameter including:
 + Gravity centre and all inertial parameters
 + Shear centre, shear factors and torsional factors
 + Calculates and shows cross section torsional displacement
 + Calculates and diagrams tangential tensions
 + Calculates and diagrams ideal sigma

dinamo work in a complete environment that allow the modeling of the sections by using an integrated 2D CAD which offer some advanced tools like boolean operations and complex editing. Thousands of predefined industry standard sections are included.

dinamo® for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux:


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